Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of April there’s a brand new edition of REBiRTH Festival coming your way: Island of Infinity. During this ultimate kick-off of the festival season, you will also be able to enjoy the full weekend experience at the REBiRTH Residence Campsite, for which we’ll explain why you really do not want to miss this. 

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1. Let’s kick-off the festival season at the REBiRTH Residence!

REBiRTH Festival is the absolute kick-off of our beloved festival season; after months of waiting you will finally be able to party in the sunny open air once again. Of course you need to make the very most out of this moment, which the REBiRTH Residence Campsite will help you with. Three days completely filled with the biggest artists, the most amazing activities and a fun friends campsite will make this a weekend to enter the history books.

2. The very first Friday pre-party with not one…

But two grand areas! The REBiRTH campsite pre-party proved to be a great success last year, after which the organisation decided to take this edition to the next level with even more huge names and an extra area. At the mainstage you will be able to enjoy well-known artists such as Act of Rage LIVE, D-Sturb and Deadly Guns, and to top it all off you can visit talents such as Barber, Crypton and Dayah performing at the second area!

Friday line-up:
Act of Rage LIVE – D-Sturb – Deetox vs MYST – Deadly Guns – Hard Driver – KELTEK – Retrospect – Da Syndrome

NEW! Reborn
Barber – Crypton – Dayah – Deluzion vs Uncaged – Kruelty – Retaliation – Vasto – Vyral vs Element – Barricade

3. From Flexotels and Festipi’s to FestiTents and Friendscamps

Not feeling like putting up your own tent? At the REBiRTH Residence there are more than enough accommodations waiting for you. Pick a FestiTent without any camping problems, a Festipi for traditional positivity, a Flexotel for optimal luxury, a Bell Tent for ultimate comfort or a Friendscamp for absolute madness. There’s even an option for the true camping haters among your group… Look over here for all the easy possibilities!

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4. You don’t have to lug around with your camping gear

With a weekend of partying comes bringing along a moving truck worth of camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, pillows, 6 party-outfits and so on. Luckily the organisation of REBiRTH understands the struggle like no other, so they laid out a parking right next to the REBiRTH Residence Campsite – to minimalize your heavy work-out. How great is that?

5. You have no excuse to skip this one…

Because everyone has a day off after the weekend! Monday the 13th of April 2020 is also very much known as being Easter Monday. For pretty much all employees this means an official day off, so you  don’t have any excuses to skip the epic REBiRTH Residence Campsite. Total escalation incoming!

REBiRTH Residence

6. More than enough fun activities

Besides the iconic pre- and after-party’s, of course there are plenty of other fun activities waiting for you at the REBiRTH Residence Campsite. Think about the one and only REBiRTH workout to start the day properly, the cinema to get a little rest, the football field to beat the hell out of your friends, and the hottubs to get a little warm…

7. The legendary Silent Disco will return

For many REBiRTH visitors it’s still fresh in their memories; the legendary Silent Disco at the Residence Campsite. While the rest of the de festival visitors already have to leave the festival grounds, you will be able to carry on partying – and what a party this is! Choose your favorite channel and kickroll or sing a little more during those very final hours. The line-up is still to be announced, but the organisation already told us the anthem maker would definitely pay a visit…

REBiRTH Residence Camping

8. Start and end the day with an extra party

As if three full festival days aren’t enough, the REBiRTH Residence Campsite will also provide you with a daily pre- and after-party. “Make new friends, drink a couple of beers and prepare for a new day of partying!” This is also one of the reasons why you definitely don’t want to miss the Island of Infinity; this will be one weekend of non-stop partying!

9. Warm food and showers at the REBiRTH Residence

Something that can make you a very happy raver during the weekend festival, is of course taking a nice hot shower. They got your back at the REBiRTH Residence Camping, because next to heated bath houses you’ll also be able to enjoy heated dining halls. No cold feet during a shower, brushing your teeth and fixing your hair in some good warmth – they’ll definitely take care of you during REBiRTH!

REBiRTH Residence

10. The ultimate place to make new friends

Spending a weekend at the REBiRTH Residence will, without any doubt, provide you with a bunch of new friends. Share this ultimate weekend experience with your camping neighbours, or find new friends at the festival grounds – which are located directly next to the Residence. This way you can always make a quick visit to all of your favorite sets!

REBiRTH Festival 2020 – Island of Infinity will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April at the Raamse Akkers in Haaren. Tickets for this kick-off and the REBiRTH Residence Camping are now available via the official website of the festival, and head over to the REBiRTH Residence website for more info about the accommodations. 

Footage via Facebook-page REBiRTH Festival 

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