Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Who doesn’t remember the melodic ‘Cats, Jets & Breaks’? On the 5th anniversary of the well-known track, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers are now hinting at a brand new collaboration of the two men. 

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Cats, Jets & Breaks’ was released back in 2014, and is still being played frequently to this day. Via their Instagram accounts, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers looked back on the 5 year old track, and hinted at a sequel: “Should we do another collab soon!?” Both men have been a part of the scene for many years and have created multiple collabs together already, among which the well-known ‘Stardust’ from 2011 and ‘Take Control’ from 2015.

Is the sequel of ‘Cats, Jets & Breaks‘ and ‘Take Control’ coming our way?

If and when the men will release the collab, isn’t known yet. To be kept updated of the latest news you can keep an eye on the Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers socials, where you’ll also see the men are working very hard these days: today the Noisecontrollers & Devin Wild‘The Time Has Come‘ collab has been released, and only a few weeks ago Wildstylez came out with the D-Block & S-te-FanWolves Cry’ collab.

Footage via YouTube Q-dance

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