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By Wouter de Vink

The magisterial WiSH Outdoor exists 15 years this summer and also has excellent news for Hardstyle enthusiasts. With the first names from the just revealed line-up, the international crossover music festival celebrates this milestone ‘extra big and adventurous’ full of unique showcases and special back2backs.

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With a longstanding and impressive reputation from all over the world, WiSH Outdoor is one of the most high-profiled music festivals we know. In 4 different worlds, no less than 10 areas from many music styles come together all weekend long, with the gigantic mainstage The Dedicated as the crown jewel, where Rooler, Vertile’s Dimension and Warface will perform LIVE on Saturday.

One stage is even more beautiful than the other. The world of District Overdrive is all about the very best (and hardest) acts and The Machine is the place where things go up a notch. Including Anderex vs Mutilator vs Fraw, the men of the Apex Brotherhood, Vertile vs. Adjuzt and Unresolved’s new live act: Alternate Identity. In addition, Uptempo can also be found here for the first time with performances by Dimitri K and Spitnoise vs Major Conspiracy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg: there will be another hosting on Friday from a major artist announced soon and District Overdrive will get another expansion this year… Check out the first names below – in total there will soon be more than 200+ acts present on the WiSH Outdoor line-up.

WiSH Outdoor 2023 line-up (harder styles so far)

Phuture Noize
Rejecta vs. Cryex
Vertile’s Dimension
Warface LIVE

Adjuzt presents NXTGN
Anderex vs Mutilator vs Fraw
Apex Brotherhood
Cryex LIVE
Devin Wild – The_Innergame
Dimitri K
E-Force vs Deluzion
Invector presents Electronic Excuberance
Spitnoise vs. Major Conspiracy
The Purge Trippin’
Unresolved presents Alternate Identity
Vertile vs Adjuzt
Voidax presents Textures

The special 15-Year Anniversary ticket sales will start soon

WiSH Outdoor 2023 will take place from Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July at the festival site De Aa in Beek en Donk. The special 15-year anniversary ticket sale starts next Tuesday (January 24 at 19:00 CET). Do you score your tickets in this first ticket phase? Then you automatically have a chance to win a lifetime access to WiSH Outdoor. For more information and the line-up of the other stages, visit the festival’s official website.

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Footage taken from Facebook page WiSH Outdoor / EDM Kevin

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