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Every artist starts from scrap when they start producing. They develop their style and sound throughout the years. The difference between their first and latest release is incredible, even though they only are a few years apart. That’s why we thought it would be cool to present you with the first release of the 28 artists below. Can you hear the same sound in their current productions?

The tracks below have been chosen based on their first official release, according to Discogs.com.

1993: The Prophet – Party Children (Dreamteam Productions)
1995: Isaac – Bad Dreams (Rave Records)
1998: Zany – Caution (Vince Records)
1999: Technoboy – Amino-Acid (Titanic Records)
2000: The Pitcher – Dropshot (Top Side Records)
2001: Deepack – Drop Out! (Moveable Frequency)
2002: Coone – Protect The Innocent (Hardball Records)
2002: Donkey Rollers – Motherf*ck (Fusion Records)
2003: Zatox – Piper Cut (Wicked Records)
2005: D-Block & S-te-Fan – Fresh New Beat (Danamite)
2005: B-Front – Motherfucking Psycho (DJ’s Records Exclusive)
2006: Josh & Wesz – Rock It (StraightOn Recordings)
2006: Brennan Heart – Evolut!on Of Style (M!D!FY)
2006: Headhunterz – Left Some Answers (Scantraxx Special)
2006: Digital Punk – Push Em Up, Get Em Up (Tremble Tracks)
2006: Ran-D – D-Pression (Special Records)
2007: Wildstylez – Live’z A Bitch (Scantraxx Reloaded)
2007: Noisecontrollers – Creatures (Fusion Records)
2008: Psyko Punkz – Raise Your Hands (Dirty Workz)
2008: Da Tweekaz – Da Bomba (DJ’s United Red Records)
2008: Thera – Injecting Bass (Hard Hammer)
2008: Bass Modulators – Indeep (DJ’s United Orange Records)
2008: Frontliner – Self Deprication (Scantraxx Silver)
2009: Atmozfears – Supernatural (DJ’s United Records)
2009: Delete – Sequence (Spoontech Records)
2009: Wasted Penguinz – We Live For The Day (Bazz Implant Recordings)
2009: Crypsis – The 6th Pathway (Minus is More)
2009: Frequencerz – Tomorrow & Beyond (DJ’s United Orange Records)

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