Hard News
Door Hard News

Het is de laatste tijd erg stil geweest rondom Scope DJ. Hij plaatste nog wel eens iets op social media, maar nieuwe muziek was helaas nergens te bekennen. Gelukkig kwam hij eindelijk met de aankondiging dat hij grootse plannen heeft voor de toekomst. Daarnaast vertelde hij ook waarom hij de afgelopen tijd geen nieuwe muziek heeft uitgebracht.

“I know it has been a while since I announced I was working on something special. Life has its way of bringing stuff to the table that needs to be revisited, which is basically why I took this long sabattical.

I needed to refocus, recalibrate and mostly; determine which way I wanted to go with my music – also because the scene has been changing a lot over the past years.

This whole process took some more time than anticipated but I can say it was one of the best things – ultimately – that I ever did. It’s good for everyone to take time to refocus every now and then, and in some cases this may take a little bit longer than one expects beforehand.

Nonetheless, I have decided to tell you what is coming: I will be launching my very own platform to release music, with my own identity and branding. What you can expect is music that is true to the Scope DJ sound yet fresh, but also possibly some older-themed hardstyle! The other tracks will be produced with a futuristic mindset, to bring something cool to the scene.

There are already a few collabs planned, some even more unexpected, which means fresh and original music.”

Het is goed om weer iets van hem te horen en we zijn erg benieuwd naar zijn toekomstige platform. Houd onze website in de gaten voor meer informatie.