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With a spectacular desire to succeed, DJ Zatox has launched a series of hits in rapid succession since the beginning of 2009. Before he started his revolution, Zatox was already responsible for a sensational series of hit records also with the alias “Wild Motherfuckers” with DJ Tatanka. Their “Fothermucker” became an unofficial anthem for the edition of Defqon.1 Festival 2007, but it was the anthem of Hard Bass 2011 that made the duo, a trademark of quality, creativity and energy, also demonstrated by the tracks “Wildest” and “We Don’t Care (President mix)”. Two other excellent business cards for Zatox are undoubtedly his mega hit “My Life” and his own hosting at Thrillogy 2012, where we saw him star for a whole night. This led to launching his own label “Unite Records” in 2013, proof that Italian Power still rules the international hardstyle scene.

Gradually building his imperium, he reached a summit where he realized that it was the right moment to translate his talents into an album: on the 14th of November, a ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ will take over; a movement bound to change the landscape of the harder styles forever. Calling out to all revolution-minded souls to break with consumerism, disregard the media and to look forward.
On ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’, ZATOX showcases the versatility that he stands for as a producer, mastering both the craft of the melody and the raw kick. Next to a number of smashing solo tracks and remixes, the two discs include a lot of fresh and unique collaborations like “Back In The Days” with Brennan Heart, “Violent” with Mad Dog and “Extreme” with Dave Revan.