Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Almost 3.5 years after its foundation, Art of Creation launches a new platform: Eternity. With a goal to developing future hardstyle talent, the label has already signed the first three artists, who will drop the first releases soon: “Legends formed in the past, the present and the future, will last into Eternity.”

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The music world is packed with talent. The new Art of Creation: Eternity aims to guide this group to the top; a road that is familiar territory for label bosses Headhunterz and Wildstylez, among others. The focus is on originality and of course quality, with which artists (also outside AoC) can even secure a spot on the main label. This platform is for resourceful producers and up-and-coming talent to grow closer to the Art of Creation family.

The first names to walk this path have been announced with the launch. Still relatively unknown to most, but A-RIZE, Last of Us and JGSW are kicking off at the new label. Their tracks were already played for the first time by the big AoC bosses during the Defqon.1 at Home stream and received more than positively by the public. “They are ready to share their craft with you, the Hardstyle community.”

Art of Creation: Eternity. “If we are to shape the future, we must make a difference now. One that will last into Eternity”

It is not yet known when the first tracks of the new trio on Art of Creation: Eternity will be released. Keep an eye on the label’s socials for more info and check out the Instagram accounts of A-RIZE, Last of Us and JGSW.

Cover photo via Facebook page Headhunterz

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