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By Wouter de Vink

Audiotricz and Art of Creation have just announced that they have parted ways. The pair is leaving because one of the artists would have a new job with another label. “Thank you Léon and Kenneth for the great memories. We wish you all the best for the future!”

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Audiotricz started at Scantraxx and later decided to start the Spirit of Hardstyle label together with Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators (among others). In November 2019, Team Spirit joined the roster of Headhunterz, Wildstylez and Sound Rush through the merge with Art of Creation. After Audiotricz released the first album (A New Dawn) since the merger and several records, these are the last achievements of the duo on the label.

The exact reason for the departure has not been announced, but there is enough clarity here and there. The consequences of the corona virus affect many professionals from the music world. Something that the men of Audiotricz did not ignore at an early stage: Léon took a side job and Kenneth was also looking for work.

“The situation is understandable, especially in these times”

Headhunterz, CEO of Art of Creation, was asked on his new Twitch channel tonight why Audiotricz left. “Am I allowed to tell?”, Heady wonders at first. “It has to do with one of the Audiotricz guys being offered a job with another label. To do more than just release music. If you do, then you might as well join that label right away, right? It’s still friendly between us: good vibes. The situation is understandable, especially in these times.”

Audiotricz leaves Art of Creation because of ‘a new position with another label’

A little research indicates that Kenneth is now A&R (artists and repertoire) Manager at I AM Hardstyle: a position that involves looking for new artists to sign for the label. The relationship between Audiotricz and label owner Brennan Heart has been good for years. In 2016 they made the collab ‘Coming Home’ and a few months ago ‘Stand Together’.

Also, Audiotricz was at one of the few events in August that could take place in Germany (because it was set up ‘corona proof’) and this was an I AM Hardstyle party. The hoodie featured in a small update from three days ago also says something about the good connection: “Brennan Heart and Audiotricz” can be read on the chest of this one of a kind merchandise in the recent post.

Footage taken from Facebook page I AM Hardstyle

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