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Brennan Heart announced during Reverze that he will release his new album, Save Euphoric, this year. In an interview with Hard News he spoke about euphoric hardstyle, boundaries within genres and his own musical journey. “My musical journey is far from over.”

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Even though Brennan Heart has been in the business for more than twenty years, he is far from done with music. “If I listen to my own feelings, I know that there is so much more to it. It feels like I’m just getting started,” he says. “This music is my passion and I consider it a life mission rather than a job.”

For more than two decades, the DJ has been flying around the world to share his musical talent with everyone. Breaking boundaries, both geographically and musically, has always driven him. “Streams, hits or lots of bookings have never been my goal. My goal has always been to create something that just sounds great on the dance floor and that people can feel.”

Brennan Heart: “That pure connection with the audience is Hardstyle for me”

At a time when boundaries between various genres are blurring, Brennan Heart launches his brand new album, Save Euphoric, to cherish the euphoric feeling. “In my opinion, Hardstyle is actually much more versatile than we tell ourselves. The genre has expanded into a broad spectrum that includes techno, hard techno, hardcore, and all the energetic uptempo variants,” he explains.

According to Brennan Heart, we can therefore better describe hardstyle as a feeling. “That pure connection with the audience, that is Hardstyle for me. I see this all over the world, whether it is in the Netherlands and Germany, or in Mexico. Or recently, when we were in Peru for the very first time with I AM HARDSTYLE. That connection, that pure family feeling, that is the euphoria of Hardstyle for me. That’s the link with the title of the album for me.”

brennan heart at reverze 2024 save euphoric

“It’s about the connection between the music, the artist and the music lover”

Despite the title of the album, Brennan Heart doesn’t think that Euphoric Hardstyle should be rescued. “Music is constantly evolving, so I don’t feel like it needs to be saved. What matters is the connection between the music, the artist and the music lover. I have been able to experience this time and time again over the past 20 years and I also want to pass that experience on to the new generation. That for me is Save Euphoric. “

According to him, it is always special to see which tracks become favorites. “You make something you like, but then you have no control over how it resonates with the audience. That is not something I am consciously doing.” On the new album, a few tracks stand out for Brennan Heart himself, but the theme song, Save Euphoric, is extra important to him. “This track is inspired by a chord change of Vivaldi. The song represents the feeling of the here and now, of where I am in life.”

brennan heart at defqon.1 2023 save euphoric hardstyle

Even though Save Euphoric is a purely hardstyle album, it is aimed at a wide audience. According to Brennan Heart, the times of boundaries and genres are over, certain boxes have faded. “The musical divisions we experienced ten to twenty years ago no longer exist.”

The DJ does not see that as something negative. On the contrary, he embraces this change in a beautiful way and also applies it to himself. “I am no longer who I used to be, and who I am now I will not be in the future. It’s the same with music. Genres have become limitless, continuously changing and developing, just like we do as humans. This process is wonderful to experience.”

With ‘Save Euphoric’ Brennan Heart draws attention to the love for euphoric Hardstyle. One of the album singles ‘Brennan Heart presents Blademasterz – Sound Of The Blade’ is now available on all music platforms. The entire album will be released later this year, but official merchandise is already available for purchase via the I AM HARDSTYLE webshop.

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