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Two guys driven by their passion for music. Born to entertain and perform. With hardstyle crawling through their veins, music goes way beyond just a hobby. Building upon their successes, plans and ambitions, Bass Modulators continue to set their mark in the worldwide hardstyle industry. We were offered a chance to ask these two guys some questions.

For your brand-new track ‘Save the Day’ you used the voice of the talented Vice. How did this happen?
We contacted him through our and his management and asked if he could sing a vocal for our new track.

The aftermovie of Defqon.1 2014 contains a brand-new track of you guys. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
Well there isn’t really much more to say about it. It’s true that it’s a new Bass Modulators track, you will definitely hear more about it soon!

Rick you’ve recently turned 30, how did you celebrate this milestone?
Well up until now I haven’t really celebrated it yet, but I will throw a big party for my friends in a club that I rented soon. Besides that I did already receive some awesome custom made Bass Modulators sneakers from Roland for my birthday.

You’ve made a remix of the track ‘twoloud – Big Bang’ which is still high up in the charts. Is there anything you notice about that?
Yeah more than other tracks. This one gets supported by almost all the big names in the house scene. There are a lot of house-sets that end with our remix which is very cool of course. And it also gets a lot of attention on social media, which results into many new followers from different corners of the world. It’s all really awesome.

We bet it is! Do you guys prefer to perform at an indoor event or at a festival?
Well our euphoric style kind of lingers to the festival season. Great weather, nice atmosphere in the tents and the outdoor stages, it just works for us. Don’t get us wrong, the indoor events are also very cool, but you tend to play different sets. More serious.

You’ve done a lot of remixes lately, for example artists like Noisecontrollers, The Prophet and twoloud. Is there a reason for all of this or did it happen naturally?
It all went very naturally. For all those three remixes we were asked to do it and that’s really great. They’re three very different remixes which fit our sets perfectly. The great thing is also that the ‘Faster ‘N Further’ and ‘One Moment’ remixes appeared on the artist albums.

Imagine you’re starting up a new project when producng, what tends to be the first thing that you start with?
We almost spend every day in the studio. What you begin with depends on the mood at that exact moment. It could be a screech, a melody or a vocal. But the thing that needs to be chosen from the start is the pitch. After that the kick is the most important thing and you build the rest around that. It’s always a surprise what will come out of it.

We were curious on how you guys prepare for a gig?
Actually very relaxed. We look at the artist playing before and after us on the timetable, search for the right tracks and look if there are some new tracks available. We do make sure that we arrive about an hour before our set time, to taste the vibe and listen to the set prior to ours. The artist might play some tracks that we had also planned and we can switch it before going on stage. The rest of the time we try to party as much as we can with as much people as possible.

You guys are everywhere this festival season and you will be everywhere during the next months as well. Can you tell us something about future projects of Bass Modulators?
We want to keep doing what we’re doing right now. The amount of bookings has a lot of influence on the tracks and the quality. The more you are out in the field, the more inspired and motivated you get. Musical wise we might turn it up at the end of the year with a few harder tracks. It depends on what we feel like doing. We love how things are going right now, so we’ll stick around for a good while ;).

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