Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Raw hardstyle DJ Bloodlust is about to announce something big. Whoever takes a look at his Instagram page, only sees 1 post with a mysterious message – and this can mean 3 things…

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Three years ago Bloodlust broke through with ‘Imma Boss’ and since then he has become an integral part of the big RAW stages. With Supremacy, Shockerz and Defqon.1 on his resume and collabs with Warface, Killshot and Regain, it looks like the End of Line member is now set to take the next step.

As of today, the posts on Bloodlust’s Instagram have been replaced by a cryptic message. So far it hasn’t been deciphered, but fans suspect in the comments that there is a good chance of the first Bloodlust album. The bio and recent Facebook description lead to a clearer clue. If you run the Japanese punctuation marks through Google Translate, you will then see “Something is coming” and “Now is the time”.

Bloodlust hints at new project: possibly an album?

The reactions of Warface, Unresolved and Killshot, among others, suggest that they know more about Bloodlust’s plans. It is not yet known when these will be announced.


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Footage taken from Facebook-pagina Shockerz

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