Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

By the looks of AFtershock’s social media posts, we can expect an upcoming collaboration between the mysterious DJ and Brennan Heart. After Aftershock earlier made a remix of Brennan Heart’s track ‘Fight The Resistance’, the both men are now working in the studio together.

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During Brennan Heart’s Hard Bass set at the last edition, the DJ introduced a completely new artist to the crowd in the GelreDome: Aftershock is now part of his label I AM HARDSTYLE. “This man has been working in the shadows for a very long time. But tonight, he’s stepping into the light”, he announced the unknown DJ. Meanwhile, Aftershock played among others at several I AM HARDSTYLE events and Decibel outdoor. After the masked artist made a remix for Brennan Heart, both are now working together in the studio, as fans could see on Aftershock’s Instagram account.

Brennan Heart X Aftershock

When this collab will be heard for the first time and when it’ll be released isn’t known yet. Both DJs will play at I AM HARDSTYLE in Poland on 9th November 2019, where Aftershock will perform an exclusive Showcase. Keep your eyes on Brennan Heart’s and Aftershock’s socials to stay up to date about the upcoming information.

Footage taken from Facebook page I AM HARDSTYLE

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