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By Wouter de Vink

Since this week, Clockartz is the latest addition to the I AM HARDSTYLE label. Last year Konnie left the hardstyle act and Sebastian continues solo ever since, and has lots of new music and ambition for the coming years: “Proud to be part of this family.”

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Clockartz started at The Magic Show in 2013, where he later got his own platform with Delirium Music. Not so long ago, Seba scrolled through Instagram and from there a ball started spontaneously. “It was actually a funny story”, Sebastian begins to tell. “I came across Brennan Heart’s story and then I realized that a few minutes ago I uploaded an almost finished version of ‘Falling To Pieces’ to my Dropbox, just to check it out with some friends. I thought: ‘Why not sending this directly to Brennan Heart too?’ Fabian responded immediately and asked me if I was signed somewhere. And that’s where it all started.”

Clockartz: “I feel stronger than ever”

After years of running his own label, Clockartz joins the I AM HARDSTYLE family. “I learned a lot of things about the music business and the hardstyle scene in general, when I was running my own label because I had to take care of so many things. But I think the biggest change for me is, that I can focus a bit more on my music again and work together towards a release as a team, and not alone.”

Since Sebastian continues with Clockartz just by himself, he has noticed a slight change in his work. “Yes, it is different. Both situations have advantages and disadvantages. The first month it was rather strange to always be alone in the studio and only take responsibility for my career. But now I am really used to it and feel I feel stronger than ever.” And this power was immediately used for new music.

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Because Clockartz worked overtime in the studio. “Over the past 3 years, I was really developing my own sound. From funky to raw, orchestral to trancy. Lately I really love to combine all those various styles together, and I think, that’s something that you can expect from me.” In the meantime, he has spoken several times with his fellow DJs at the label, but Seba cannot tell you anything about a possible collab. “Oh yes, I really like the vibe with the guys already and I can’t wait to visit them in the Netherlands! For now, I can tell you that I am really looking forward to work together with them, hehe.”

A Sunset Sessions expansion ..?

Since the lockdown, Clockartz has been recording his sets in the most beautiful places: Sunset Sessions. “Yes, the whole world situation is strange for all of us obviously. During the lockdowns I saw that more and more artists were doing livesets from at home. I wanted to do something really special and unique, and that’s why I started with the Sunset Sessions. It’s a lot of fun to create those livesets together with my team. You can definitely expect more! Maybe an I AM HARDSTYLE special?

‘Falling To Pieces’ will be Clockartz’s 1st track on I AM HARDSTYLE

This week, the Italian’s first track will be released on I AM HARDSTYLE: ‘Falling To Pieces’. A track with a special thought. “I want that when you listen to the track, that you reflect the current world situation on it, that our passions, traditions and things that we love to do are slowly “falling to pieces”, if we are not going to change something soon. My music will definitely add some new vibes to the I AM HARDSTYLE family. As you probably know, I really like to play around with different styles. Sometimes pretty hard and dark with trancy influence, funky, or even cinematic with uplifting melodies.”

Clockartz therefore looks with confidence at what the future will bring. “I’m proud and excited to be a part of I AM HARDSTYLE now. We all need a little more patience until things get back to normal, but when the time comes we’ll party like never before!”

Clockartz’s ‘Falling To Pieces’ will be released on I AM HARDSTYLE on Thursday February 25th. Pre-save the track on all available portals to hear it first.

Footage taken from Facebook page Clockartz

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