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By Leonie Schott

The Netherlands is the country of the harder styles. The origin is from there and the music is quite common. Now, Deetox has just announced she re-produced a track of her just for the walk-on of a Dutch kickbox fighter. Welcome to the Netherlands!

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It’d be difficult to find athletes using harder styles music as their walk-on song anywhere else in the world, but in the Netherlands that’s the case. Dutch dart professional Dirk van Duijvenbode did it already years ago and in football stadiums you can sometimes hear hardstyle tracks blasting through the speakers as well. Now, Deetox has announced she produced a new version of her track ‘Het Land Van’ with special lyrics just for a fight of a Dutch kickbox lady.

Together with Lange Frans, Deetox worked out a new variant of the track: “We’ve been writing and recording new vocals for our ‘Het Land Van’ remix. It will be a special edit for Germaine de Randamie, “The Iron Lady”, to use as walk-on music for her UFC fight in Las Vegas”, the hardstyle producer shared in her Instagram story. Kickbox fighter de Randamie feels honored and reacts with a separate posting: “Beyond speechless, so blessed and honored by Deetox and Lange Frans. Las Vegas we will be ready!”

Germaine de Randamie is a Dutch kickbox fighter who was the first female world champion in the UFC in featherweight. She used Deetox’ track ‘Het Land Van’ as her walk-on track already since 2016. ‘Het Land Van’ is originally a rap song by Lange Frans, but Deetox remixed it and played it at X-Qlusive Holland for the first time. Now, another variant is on its way.

‘Het Land Van’: The country of the harder styles

The special version of ‘Het Land Van’ will be heard for the first time during Germaine de Randamie’s UFC 245 walk-on in Las Vegas on 14th December 2019. To stay up to date about Deetox’ productions, keep an eye on her Instagram account.

Footage taken from Facebook page Deetox

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