Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

That both of these guys like to experiment is quite obvious, but now it seems most likely that there is a collaboration coming between the two of them. Hardstyle artist Devin Wild and raw hardstyle dj D-Sturb have found each other and posted a photo of themselves, where it seems like the are working on some music together. Will this result into a collab soon..?

It’s safe to say that Devin Wild is on a collab tour most recently. After several collaborations with Sub Zero Project – including the anthem for Emporium – the Scantraxx-dj also started working with artists like RVAGE and JNXD. The DJ from Arnhem (The Netherlands) has proven himself in just a short amount of years and delivers one production after the other.

D-Sturb is maybe the most upcoming talent in raw hardstyle and has maybe outgrown that status already. Known for his kick rolls and diversity, Jorrit (a.k.a. D-Sturb) is featured on most of the big events and travels across the globe to play his music through the speakers. Like Supremacy for example, of which the live set has been uploaded last night by the way.

Devid Wild and D-Sturb are hitting the studio

If we take a look at earlier productions of these two DJ’s, who posted a picture of their mutual studio time on social media yesterday, it looks like they both like to break boundaries of their genres. A collab between D-Sturb and Devin Wild wouldn’t be that crazy after all. “Kick rolls incoming!”

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