Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

On February 2nd 2002, the live-act Donkey Rollers came into existence as a part of Fusion Records. The act was formed by Raoul van Grinsven, also known as DJ Zany, Peter Aldenzee, better known as MC DV8, and Johan van Korven. Today the live-act exists for over 15 years and that calls for something special. The Donkey Rollers said on their Facebook page that 2017 would be the year they’d strike again.

foto van Donkey Rollers.Some time ago, strange videos and messages appeared on Facebook with the subject ‘Lucky Number Six’. A lot of well known DJ’s shared these video’s and people started to wonder what it was all about. Soon after it became clear that ‘Lucky Number Six’ was linked with CRAFT Festival, an official event by¬†Lose Your Mind.

A couple of days ago, another video appeared from ‘Lucky Number Six’, telling us that the Donkey Rollers will be releasing an album on the 6th of May, the same date that CRAFT Festival takes place. One of the areas on this years edition of CRAFT is called ‘Lucky Number Six’, so the probability that the Donkey Rollers will perform on this stage is very high.

In the short video posted by ‘Lucky Number Six’ you can already recognise some DJ’s including Phuture Noize, Digital Punk and B-Front. It is very likely that they will be responsibly for some of the remixes, or perhaps even collabs, that will appear on the album.

Photo: Donkey Rollers


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