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With barely a week remaining, the annual music festival Q-BASE is coming closer. Q-dance recently announced several additional areas in a special briefing. One area will feature a new artist group that caught our attention. Four Polish hardstyle producers decided to join forces to represent their raw sound in a very unique showcase. You might know these four producers by their solo names: Regain (Pawel), Coarsection (Lukasz M & Lukasz S) and Chaotic Spirit (Piotr). They are known from their tracks in which they combine mindblowing screeches, heavy hollow kicks and grim atmospheres. Since the start of this year, they played at some of the major hardstyle festivals and their releases received extraordinary support. On the 13th of September they will reveal their ‘Polish Raw Showcase’ project at the ‘Xtra Raw’ stage of Q-Base Festival. The stage also includes heavy acts like Blackburn, Prefix & Density, Main Concern and more. To prepare you for this event, we would like to introduce you to these enthusiastic artists in an exclusive interview.

Q: Next to ‘Polish Raw Showcase’ you are also known as individual artists. Can you introduce yourself and tell us something about your solo acts and how you’ve met.

A: “We are a group of Polish artists: Regain, Coarsection and Chaotic Spirit. In Poland it’s not hard to meet other producers because hardstyle producers are rare. We met at our bookings in Poland and kept in contact through forums and facebook. We also made some collaborations in the past, but now it’s time to join forces and give you the pure Polish raw sound.”

Q: Why did you decide to form ‘Polish Raw Showcase’?

A:”The idea to start ‘Polish Raw Showcase’ is the result of our solo bookings at the Dutch event: Bass Protocol. We know each other for such a long time and we want to give the audience something unique and exclusive. In this act we really want to show what our country has to offer.”

Q: What can you tell about the Polish hardstyle scene? Can you compare it to the Dutch scene?

Pawel (Regain): ”We have some events here but we can’t compare it to the Dutch scene. When i joined my label, i played at a lot of party’s which were fully packed. Some weeks ago I played at Decibel which is a really huge party with a great atmosphere. Okay, so how does it look in Poland? Only the biggest clubs attract the most people and there aren’t as many events as in Holland and Belgium. ”
Lukasz & Lukasz (Coarsection): ”We have to agree with Pawel on this one. The mainstream/euphoric style also has the upper hand. It’s hard to present our music in Poland. But on the other side, organizers in Poland also host underground parties. They are not as crowded as in Holland, but the atmosphere is amazing. That feeling of 200 people on the dancefloor and everyone knows every lyric, every drop and they dance till the early morning! ”
Piotr(Chaotic Spirit): ”Definately! First of all, someone who’s inviting Headhunterz will not add us to their line-up? Why? Because our style differs too much. That’s why we’re playing abroad more often.

Q: Are you guys allready preparing for Q-Base or do you get the inspiration at the last moment?

Pawel(Regain): ”Yeaaaa, my preparations are still in progress! There will be new collaborations and some new solo tracks. I hope to meet the deadline, so I’m still locked away in the studio! ”
Lukasz & Lukasz (Coarsection): ”Most of our tracks are already done, but we’re still working on some special things.”
Piotr(Chaotic Spirit): ”Of course, we are preparing since the beginning of August. We finished a lot of new tracks. At this moment we have to add the final touches. ”

Q: How does it feel to start your new act at Q-Base? Do you also have plans to bring your act to Holland?

A: ” The feeling is undescribable. Q-Dance gave us a chance to be a part of a massive event. This is the first time we will visit the event and it’s great to know that we will be spinning the wheels. After Q-Base, Bass Protocol will be the first event in Holland where we will play on the mainstage. Next to these events, we want to take it easy and keep ”Polish Raw Showcase” exclusive. We also have our solo performances, but we are always open for new challenges and new bookings!”

Q: Next to Regain, Polish Raw Showcase is also signed to Heart for Hard & Indus3. Will there be any future releases under the ‘Polish Raw Showcase’ name?

A: ”We will have to wait and see. We are very busy producing for our solo projects, but we might have something special coming up. Expect the unexpected. ”

Q: What can we expect from you guys at Q-Base?

Pawel(Regain): ”Four crazy guys on stage haha!  Look at the second word of our alias. Now you know what to expect from us, boys and girls! ”
Lukasz & Lukasz (Coarsection): “Something unique! We will give you 200% of our energy, skills and atmosphere.”
Piotr(Chaotic Spirit): ”To say it simple: We will give ya the best of us! A full hour of our tracks including brand new ones and exclusive edits.”

Q: Do you have an ultimate goal?

Pawel(Regain): ”Producing quality raw hardstyle and reach a lot of people!”
Lukasz & Lukasz (Coarsection): ”10 years ago, when we first heard hardstyle, we wanted to visit a hardstyle party. Then we’ve started DJ’ing and our goal was to play at a local club. Today we’re just few days away from one of the most important harder styles events on the globe. What could be our goal? We don’t even know yet. It’s crazy because we’ve achieved more than we wanted.”
Piotr(Chaotic Spirit):”I already scored one of my music goals, which was playing at Loudness in April this year. From now on, I will focus on my solo tracks and I’d like to release them in a big label. That’s my goal for 2015, because after Q-Base and Bass Protocol, my surgery is waiting and I won’t be able to play & produce till the end of this year.”

Q: Where can we follow/book you guys?

A:”You can find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PolishRawShowcase. To book us, you can go to the new Heart for Hard website at www.heartforhard.nl. We would love to see you at our performance from 23:00 till 00:00 at the Xtra Raw stage! See you there!”

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