Lisa van den Broek
By Lisa van den Broek

Everybody is talking about the new Netflix series La casa de papel, it is even the most popular non-English show in the world. In this series they sing the song ‘Bella Ciao’ from Vinci and Gunz for Hire decided to honor te song, but they gave it a twist.

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Gunz for Hire, one of the most famous live acts by Adaro and Ran-D, made a hardstyle version of the track ‘Bella Ciao‘. They announced this news earlier this week, but the Gunz for Hire remix of ‘Bella Ciao’ is now free for download. La casa de papel is an exciting show about eight thieves, their hostages and a criminal mastermind which is manipulating the police at the same time.

‘Bella Ciao’ remix by Gunz for Hire

There is a big chance you hear this track during this festival season. The kings of the underground will perform this summer at events like 7th Sunday, WiSH Outdoor en Tomorrowland.

Picture by Facebook page Gunz for Hire

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