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Music is a beautiful thing. It can bring up certain emotions in people, or evoke memories of a special moment that has shaped them. It can be cheerful, but also said, aggressive and very peaceful at the same time. Music can help people to fight through difficult times and make them see things in a better perspective once again.

The same thing happened to Jean-Philippe’s father. When his mother passed away last year due to a tragic accident, his father was devastated and didn’t know how to deal with it. His son helped him discover how hardstyle can really be and what happened next is incredible. Read the message of Jean-Philippe below.

“Hi guys, I’m making this post to thank Jon & Pontus (Wasted Penguinz) for their music. On the 8th of September 2014 my mom died in an accident. My entire family was devastated by this news, especially my dad.. 

Before my mom passed away he used to listen to rock music and has played the guitar for many years. He always told me “Your music sucks, electronic music doesn’t have soul. It just goes boom boom boom” as a joke. But ever since my mom passed away he started working out to clear his head. He goes out for a run a lot and goes as far as 15 to 20 kilometers each time. He loves listening to music while working out and asked me if he could use my music, because he thought the tempo of the music would be ideal for a long run. He came back and said that tracks like “Noisecontrollers – Pillars of Creation” and “Frontliner – Raining Melodies” gave him a very good feeling.

emotions hardstyle crying defqonA little while back I gave him a few Wasted Penguinz tracks, like “Univerze” with Rebourne, “I Love You” and “Bitterness” to listen to while he was running. When he came back to the house after his run he said to me: “I have never gotten this feeling before. It’s a very intense feeling and I start to see the world different than before. I feel like I’ve gotten a new perception of reality and can see a new horizon on my life now”.

That’s why I want to thank you, because you probably saved him with your music.”

This story is a beautiful example of the power of music and in this case the power of hardstyle. There are many music lovers who believe that electronic music, and by that they often mean the harder styles, is nothing but ‘boom boom boom’, while most of the times it consists of so much more.

We never get tired of hearing stories like that and we hope that Jean-Philippe and his dad keep finding support in these dark times. The same goes for everyone who has ever had to deal with something as tragic as this.


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