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By Wouter de Vink

What a night. After a successful – but above all bizarrely beautiful – Qlimax The Source, the internet is now full of positive reactions from fans of the harder styles, in a time without our beloved events. “What an example for our scene!”

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The well-known festival jitters were once again present amongst those with an orange heart last night. After months of no events, and therefore no ‘normal’ Qlimax, organization Q-dance came up with an alternative. Many fans wondered what Qlimax The Source would look like, but the founding fathers of hardstyle had a simple answer to this beforehand: “Let it happen to you. If you think at the end “fuck, this was cool”, then our mission has been accomplished.”

And according to many, that mission has been absolutely succeeded. After a journey through the history of the largest indoor harder styles event during The Legacy, the main program started: Qlimax The Source. The new music from the artists on the line-up was recorded in a special, beautiful and tripping way at six different locations and broadcasted all over the world. More than 80 nationalities tuned in during the audiovisual journey!

The social media are full of praise for this weekend’s online experience. You also responded massively to the Instagram story of Hard News with compliments for Qlimax The Source. Including “I am speechless”, “Breathtaking!” and “They should put this on Netflix so the world can see how beautiful our hardstyle scene is.” How did you like Qlimax The Source?

Admiration for impressive Qlimax The Source

Qlimax The Source was broadcast yesterday on the live channel of Q-dance, with Headhunterz & JDX, Sub Zero Project and KELTEK on the line-up. It is not yet known whether the entire broadcast will be put online, but Q-dance is exploring multiple options concerning a release.


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