Intents Festival has just opened the gates to the mainstage for tens of thousands of visitors. The harder styles festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and kicks off this first day with a grand show. “The king welcomes you to his great kingdom!”

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Intents Festival 2023 has officially started and records have now been broken with the largest IntentsCity campsite ever. So far the festival has got off to a good start and visitors from all over the world have traveled to The Kingdom of Unity. They were all looking forward to this festival weekend, including the big moment on Friday: the opening of the mainstage.

Since Intents expanded to three full festival days, this main stage opening has become a tradition. Fans gathered for this memorable moment and Intents immediately set the tone for a packed mainstage. The Ceremony fired a royal amount of fireworks and the weekend got off to a good start. “When daylight strikes, our kingdom comes!”

Intents Festival off to a great start: largest campsite ever

Intents distributed a newspaper to the camping visitors with all activities, interviews and latest news. Among other things, the date and the new theme for next year have been announced: Intents Festival – Into The Wild will take place from Friday the 31st of May to Sunday the 2nd of June 2024. Most visitors are expected on Saturday and Sunday: with more than 10 areas and the greatest artists of the moment.

Cover photo via Facebook page Intents Festival

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