Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

‘Medium Rare’ is the title of the very first album of Niels en Pepijn, also known as Frequencerz. Can you imagine that is has already been 10 years since they started their career? Over the years they’ve done many amazing things and had the honor to perform at many big events. But there is one thing that has always been at the top of their bucket list. Exactly, an album.

Medium Rare is here

Today, on March 30, the album has been released on their label Roughstate. The first pre-orders that would be personally signed were gone in no-time. Luckily for everyone else the album can still be ordered online. Besides that the guys from Frequencerz also decided to upload the entire album on Spotify. So if you’re low on cash this month because your kid needed more diapers, or because it was your mother-in-law’s birthday, don’t be sad! Spotify comes to the rescue and makes sure you can still enjoy the album.

Where does the title come from?

The title of the album immediately raises a few questions, especially when you look at the butcher-style artwork. But the source of the title is actually pretty funny. Frequencerz just had a performance in Mallorca and enjoyed a lot of tasty alcoholic beverages when they were discussing the album on the way back. When they discussed whether they’re Raw or Euphoric they quickly agreed that they are somewhere in the middle. Pepijn was still a bit hungover and suddenly said “We’re medium rare!” so that’s where the title comes from.

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