Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

It all started with a couple of remixes of each other. There was a click between them and they decided to start a live act, which resulted in NCBM (which obviously stands for Noisecontrollers (NC) and Bass Modulators (BM).

Chapter One
After the remixes, they made a couple of tracks. What followed were some big hits like ‘Rocked Up’ and ‘Solar’. They decided to work together and see how it would go. The results were ‘Het Gevoel van’ and ‘Holding on’. Their collaboration felt so great that they decided to take it to another level with a mini-album. Chapter One, as this mini-album is called, was well received by the hardstyle community.

Chapter Two
If the first mini-album is called Chapter One, then Chapter Two can’t be far away. This is what Bas Oskamp said about it during an interview with DJ Mag: “Yes, now we’ll have to don’t we? Haha! What I said, working together with Bass Modulators is very satisfying and we are confident that the cooperation will not end soon. If it’s up to us, there will be a new Chapter. Maybe next year or even sooner.”

It’s not all about the live act. To create a specific sound and style is just as important for Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators. Meanwhile they have become very good friends and the future looks bright for them.

Source: DJ Mag

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