Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Last Saturday it was time for one of the biggest raw indoorevents of the year, also known as Supremacy. This edition was recognized by half hour long live sets including the best names in the scene. Also, Public Enemies was presented. During their performance the DJ’s showed the tracks of their new album. The tracks were received very well by the audience.

The team performed many times last year, but everything started during the first act at Q-BASE at the beginning of September 2016. This show was rated so well that more bookings took place. In order to react on all the interest given by the fans, Public Enemies started working on an album. The tracks are listenable as previews here:

So, the album is called Original Sinners and consists out of 14 hard tracks made by Digital Punk and Hard Driver as we know them. Since 3 October the album is for sale online. More information about the album is written in an older article.

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