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Outbreak, who we all know from his hit-track “Bassface”, is bringing something new. Earlier he frequently used the hashtag #ExpectTheUnexpected in his posts on social media, so fans started wondering what it could mean. At first they thought it would be an album, but Outbreak himself threw that option off the table by making the following announcement.

“I am going to release a series of EP’s! First of all, it’s called ‘Rebel Territory’ and in terms of the concept I really wanted to express myself in a new way and also become separate from the crowd by bringing my own sound through and not following any ‘norms.’ With the EP I had the sole focus of bringing in some unique and original elements to the tracks, yet still retaining the Outbreak sound.”

It seems we can expect a lot of new stuff from this raw Aussie soon! The first EP, yes there will be more, will consist of three solo-tracks, a collab and a remix. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date yet, but the first previews will appear next week.

Source: Alive At Night

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