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By Bob Ligthart

A while ago, Phuture Noize has announced he will come with a new album, but now he has revealed more about the upcoming production. The hardstyle is about to show a whole other side of himself…

CHECK: Phuture Noize is working on Black Mirror Society ‘Deluxe Edition’

Phuture Noize is busy with the last bits of his new album, Black Mirror Society ‘Deluxe Edition’. There will be ten tracks on the new CD, including his last EP A New Day. That production contains three tracks, so this means we can expect seven new ones on his upcoming album. “They are all originals done by me and I hope you are going to like them.” And there’s something really special about these tracks, since we’re going to hear Phuture Noize sing for the very first time and according to the hardstyle artist this makes him nervous.

The original version of Black Mirror Society can’t be missed on this ‘Deluxe Edition’ of course and that’s why the album will have two CDs. So it’s going to be a combination of well-known and brand new tracks of Phuture Noize.

Phuture Noize will sing by himself on his next album

Earlier, the hardstyle DJ has announced his album is coming very soon, but it’s not clear yet when the release will take place. To stay up to date about the production, go to the Facebook page of Phuture Noize.

Photo by Facebook page REBiRTH Festival

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