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By Wouter de Vink

After a very long lead time, Psyko Punkz has finally released his new track ‘Psyko Club’. Only now it appears that the long wait has a logical reason: we have never encountered a video clip like the one below in hardstyle. “This was such a journey…”

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The story started more than a year ago, when Psyko Punkz took place behind the turntables of yet another livestream in times of lockdowns. The coronacrisis hit Mr. Psyko hard, but after many long studio sessions, he finally had a new track he wanted to test. One that would symbolize the moment we all have been waiting for and we can finally party again: when the gates of the ‘Psyko Club’ would open again…

The response to this new track was quite good this year, especially after it also caught the attention of fans during Defqon.1 at Home. It made sure that a short-term release inevitable. However, this one was already planned for a long time: behind the scenes, extensive work had already been done on the many details that can now finally be seen in perhaps the most special hardstyle videoclip ever.

You’ve never seen a music video like this in hardstyle before: “Do you dare set foot in the Psyko Club!?”

‘Psyko Club’ takes you – as the name of the track suggests – into the middle of the night in a psychedelic trip. To actually be able to express this in a music video with animations is very difficult: the entire storyline can not only be heard here, but also be seen.

From ‘finally allowed to party again’, to warming up with the first drinks, dancing as the evening evolves to spacing until the sun comes up. This clip has it all. Psyko Punkz proves once again that he is in great shape: “This was such a journey… Thanks guys, now the doors are finally open.”

After ‘Embody Love’ Psyko Punkz is back with a strong release on Dirty Workz. The footage speaks for itself: what do you think of the video clip of ‘Psyko Club’?

Cover image taken from Facebook page Vroeger Was Alles Beter

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