Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Today Rebelion posted in their story to be busy finishing with a collab with Rooler. At this moment they are working on the last finishing touches of this track. 

Both Rebelion and Rooler are teasing this track in their stories on Instagram. ‘Yo Bro! Just putting the final touches on the track I think it’s 100% playable this weekend at Live For This!!’, Rebelion wrote on Instagram. It looks like they will premier this new collab during Warface presents: ‘Live For This’. Rooler will perform with Agressive Act Live while Rebelion will battle with Warface himself during ‘Live For This’.

Collab Rebelion & Rooler almost finished

Yesterday Rooler was already teasing about this track on his Instagram story while he was mentioning Rebelion. This is the first time Rebelion and Rooler are working on a collab.

Photo by Facebook page Rooler en Facebook page Rebelion


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