Tim Bekkering
By Tim Bekkering

Scantraxx BLACK, the new main label with the focus on the tougher side of hardstyle, comes with a talent EP for the next generation of hardstyle artists. DJs such as Imperatorz & Aversion, Deluzion, Crossfight and Refract have proven to be on their ways and therefor they will kick off the new BLACK Box EP series with this very first release.

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BLACK stands for ‘The darker side of Scantraxx’ and besides the established names, it wants to work on a new generation of Scantraxx artists. The BLACK Box EP fits this initiative perfectly, according to the label: “From the moment Scantraxx BLACK was launched we’ve been striving to expand the creation of hard, quality music. The time has come to put the spotlights on 4 up and coming producers to earn their marks on the BLACK label of Scantraxx.”

Imperatorz & Aversion, Deluzion, Crossfight and Refract will have their very first talent release under the flag of Scantraxx BLACK. They all creditably had a taste at the top of their professions and played at huge events as Defqon.1 and Loudness for example.

  1. Imperatorz & Aversion – Valhalla
  2. Deluzion – System Overload
  3. Crossfight – F.U.B.A.R.
  4. Refract – Can’t Breathe


Scantraxx BLACK gives upcoming, harder artists a stage with the new talent EP: BLACK Box 001

The first previews of the release will be revealed from Monday onwards. The full BLACK Box EP will be available from the 22nd of January at the well-known download portals.

Footage taken from Facebook page Scantraxx


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