Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

It feels like such a long time ago since Showtek said “goodbye” to the Hardstyle scene. Somewhere during the beginning of 2012 they released their track ‘Memories’ on their former label Dutch Master Works. It looks like they wanted to recollect all their lovely memories one last time before closing this chapter for good.

“The power of the moment, gives you that feeling to move to the track. And tonight, we’re gonna bring all those moments back.”

Many fans didn’t agree with their choice and to this day some still post comments asking them to come back to Hardstyle. Now and then Showtek decides to play their legendary track ‘FTS’ during the closing of their sets, but that’s about it. Now, four years later, the scene suddenly started trembling when rather remarkable news reached their eyes and ears.

Showtek had posted a picture on their Facebook page showing a Skype call with TNT, the hardstyle act consisting of the Italians Technoboy and Tuneboy“All aboard the hype train” instantly appeared in the comments. The hype was real, but the clarity not so much. Maybe they were just talking about music, instead of actually making it. The days after that the scene quieted down, until April 27 when The Netherlands celebrated the birthday of their King. Showtek had several gigs and they suddenly played a remix of the classic ‘Have You Ever Been Mellow’. When their management explained that the new track was a remix by Showtek and TNT, things suddenly got real: Showtek had made Hardstyle again!

On April 30 they had another gig, this time at MAYDAY in Germany. During this performance a visitor heard the track and decided to film it. That resulted in the footage below.


The Party Animals had a major hit with the “original”, but now it seems like ‘Have You Ever Been Mellow’ will be back again, stronger than ever. Will Showtek’s trip to their roots be a one-off? Instead of wondering about things like that, we could also just listen to this track and appreciate the fact that they haven’t forgotten about us. Deep down inside we all knew it, because the love for Hardstyle is, as you all know, quite tenacious. “They live for hardstyle, they live for Hardstyle baby!”


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    Damn, this song (now that it’s released) is stuck in my head and it woun’t get out…i love it…

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    Jack by Revenant on #SoundCloud


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