Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Stereotuners shared something special on Facebook yesterday. In a message they mentioned that the tracks of their new mini-album are available to listen as teasers.

The DJ’s already announced that the album is named as The Graveyard Shift. And so, yesterday they revealed that the album consists out of eight tracks, including five solo tracks and two collabs. The other missing track wasn’t included in the teaser. This is the provisional tracklist:

01. The Graveyard Shift
02. Burn the System
03. XTC ft. Dimness
04. Don’t Fuck with Us ft. Unresolved
05. Angels
06. Destructive
07. The Graveyard Shift (Hardcore Version)

One of the collabs is produced together with Unresolved. This DJ is currently busy with creating his own album as well. The collab was already played by the Italian and the reaction of the audience was amazing. Also, X-Pander played the collab together with Dimness, named as ‘XTC‘. This track was also received pretty well. The last track, to end the album teaser, is a hardcore remix of the titletrack ‘The Graveyard Shift’. 

Then, Stereotuners wrote the following text in the description of their preview:

‘Having worked extremely hard in the studio, Raw heads, Stereotuners have churned out one of the hardest albums we have ever presented. The Graveyard Shift is based off of pure auditory brutality consisting of 8 tracks, including fresh new solos as well as collaborations with some of their good friends and colleagues. This is the Graveyard Shift!’

In 2012 Stereotuners signed at DWX Anarchy. Nowadays, they have more than 10 releases on this label. Just as before, the new album will be released on this label as well. If you’re interested to the teasers, the preview of the seven tracks are listenable here:


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