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Hard News had the opportunity to ask Vincent auf der Haar, aka The Vision, a few questions. His latest releases ‘I Know You’re Here’, ‘Honor 2 Serve’ and ‘Maximum Power (ft. X-Pander)’ which he released on DWX Anarchy, are not to be messed with. Together with his own podcast “Visions of Hardstyle” he obtained a strong position in the Hardstyle scene.

Let’s start with an introduction, who are you and what do you do?
I’m Vincent auf der Haar, 30 years old and living in Kampen. Besides making music I work as a PE-teacher (Physical Education) in Lelystad. Furthermore I love to play soccer whenever I can and I’m currently living together with my current girlfriend which I’ve had for over 10 years.

Do these students know you as the Vision?
Yes word travels fast and students even want to come with you. I try to keep work and private seperated as much as possible, but it’s fun to see how enthousiastic they get. Suddenly you’re their favorite teacher!

How did you get introduced to Hardstyle?
I’ve been listening to music a lot ever since 2000. My musical taste was very broad then. I think it was around 2003 when I first came in contact with Hardstyle and the first event I went to was Qlimax. Ever since I’ve been totally hooked and started listening to it more and more. Visiting events became a regular thing and I was totally in love with Hardstyle.

Where does the name ‘The Vision’ come from?
I wanted to do something with my name (Vincent) and I quickly came up with The Vision. This also merged with my vision on Hardstyle.

You’re a part of the DWX Anarchy family, can you tell something about things there?
The entire Dirty Workz label is actually one big family. We keep in contact with each other a lot and we see each other during bookings. Maybe it’s a bit of a downside that we all live so far apart, but the internet makes many things possible. Since I’ve signed to Anarchy I came in contact with the guys from Deepack a lot more. It’s really cool to be on the same label as my heroes. It’s one big happy family!

In 2010 you came with ‘Pandorum’, which still is a massive production. What was the inspiration for this track?
When I saw the trailer of the movie I was instantly in love with it. I had to make a track of it so I started right away. In the end the track was played many times and the highlight was when Deepack played it during Qlimax. Really awesome moment!

X-Pander made a remix of this track last year and you’ve also collaborated with his. How did this happen?
I kept my eye on Valentin (X-Pander) for some time already. I thought he was a good producer and contacted him. Eventually we started working on ‘Beyond Dreams’ and we were so happy about it that we made a second track together. Who knows, there might be more collabs with X-Pander in the future!

One production after another rolls out of your studio. Where do you think this creativity-boost comes from?
Right now I’m in a positive flow. My head is filled with ideas and this currently works for me. I get my inspiration from all sorts of things. From trailers to themes or vocals that give me a certain idea about a track. Everything that does something with me, is something I can use for a track.

So you’re sitting in the studio and you start a new project. Where do you start?
It depends. Sometimes I start with a melody and sometimes I start with a midpart. It can also be a vocal where you start building the track around, like ‘The Evil Dead’. I saw the trailer and started working on the track around it. The good thing about making music is that you get total freedom and there are no rules on how to begin with a track.

What is your favorite track from The Vision?
Beyond Dreams and Visions of Hardstyle are tracks that I’m very proud of. But there is a new track coming which I’m also very positive about.

The line between Raw Hardstyle and Euphoric Hardstyle keeps getting bigger. Do you think that this will eventually result in two completely seperate genres?
It depends on how you look at it. I see it as Hardstyle. I don’t put things in boxes and that’s why I try both sides. Sure I’m worried about all the negativity on certain things within the scene, but let’s just share one vision.. And that vision is one that gives us a lot of positivity.

Which artist do you want to collaborate with, Hardstyle and non-Hardstyle?
There are a lot of names in the Hardstyle scene like B-Front, Hard Driver, Adaro or Ran-D and Deepack. Let’s not forget E-Force haha. Too much names! Looking at non-Hardstyle I think it would be cool to combine a different genre with Hardstyle, like metal of an orchestra.

You use your own podcast ‘Visions of Hardstyle’ to give upcoming talent a chance, which is something that we approve greatly! Which artist is currently one to look out for?
I currently play a lot of tracks from Noisecult! I’ve know these guys for a long time and they make really big production lately. Keep a close eye on them!

Last one, what is your ‘vision’ on the changes in the Hardstyle scene for the next couple of years?
I hope that the positive wins from the negative. When we all share one vision, Hardstyle will only get bigger! Be positive and share your Vision of Hardstyle!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVisionNL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVisionOfficial/
Website: http://www.djthevision.com

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