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Adele scored a big hit with her track “Hello”, which already has over 600 million views on YouTube. Because of this we reckoned it couldn’t take long before the hardstyle scene would also pick up the track.

And indeed, we didn’t have to wait very long because Bass Modulators surprised everyone at Qlimax with their version of the track. The euphoric sing-along was an instant hit and it didn’t take long before people started asking for the track to be released. Luckily for them the liveset has already been uploaded, so until the preview will be online this will do. Check out a video with the bootleg below.

But not only Bass Modulators decided to make a bootle of “Adele – Hello”, because none other than The Pitcher also decided to unleash his vision on the track. As you might have expected this version turned out to be quite raw. Besides dark screeches and a melody in the climax, The Pitcher also added some heavy kicks to the track. The result is huge and luckily for his fans he immediately decided to upload it on his YouTube page. Be sure to check out the track below.

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