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A while ago Thyron announced that he would be releasing his very own album. At that time he was still at Fusion Records. The album, titled ‘Lucid Dreams’, contains a few solo releases, remixes and collaborations with Delete, Titan, Inceptum, Avana and Hellsystem.

Unfortunately due to circumstances the release of the album on Fusion Records had been cancelled. Because of this Thyron came up with the idea to give away the album for free, so people could still enjoy the music. The exact date is unknown at this time, but we’re certain it will happen very soon.

Update: Unfortunately the previews have been taken down. You can still check out the tracklist below.

01. Thyron – Lucid Dream
02. Thyron – Victim
03. Thyron – Dysphoria
04. Thyron – Haunted
05. Thyron – Limitless
06. Thyron – Voice Of Chaos
07. Thyron – Dream Worlds
08. Thyron & Avana – Starlight
09. Thyron & Delete – The Swarm
10. Thyron & Inceptum – Rising Star
11. Thyron & Titan – Crack
12. Thyron & Hellsystem – Forever Death
13. Thyron – Hell’s Fire (Stereotuners Remix)
14. B-Front – Sleepwalker (Thyron Remix)

Volg Thyron online:


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