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By Sharon van der Werf

Thyron has been on a roll lately – this year he already has 11 releases (!) to his name, including a number of major collabs with names like Aversion, Mutilator and Deluzion. The next milestone in line? The release of his first live act Xtreme Xtasy. “New album. New audiovisual live experience.”

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Bas Janssen, in the hardstyle scene better known as Thyron, entered the world of music at a fairly young age. His search for a unique sound began during his teenage years, at just 16 years old. As the years passed within the scene, he continued to push himself to discover and introduce new, never-before-heard sounds.

Thryon about Xtreme Xtasy

This search ultimately led to his very first live act, Xtreme Xtasy. “With immense pride, excitement and nerves I can finally tell you about the biggest, best and hardest project I’ve ever worked on,” says Thyron on Instagram. Xtreme Xtasy not only includes a great live show that we can expect on major stages in the near future, but also an album that soon can be streamed endlessly on all portals.

“I’m ready to showcase everything I’m capable of”

On Instagram, Thyron says that he has been working on creating a new musical experience for a long time. “I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours working on next level music and an entire creative concept, including storytelling, insane visuals, a unique outfit and more. I’m ready to showcase everything I’m capable of in my brand new artist album and audiovisual live experience.”

Where can you expect Xtreme Xtasy?

With the announcement of his brand new album and live act, Thyron has been signed with Pure Bookings for all performances. The premiere of Xtreme Xtasy is scheduled for October 31, 2023, on the main stage of Faceless festival. The second live experience has also recently been announced: Thyron will be on the mainstage of Shockerz at the end of the year, on December 16, 2023 in the Autotron in Rosmalen. There are also a number of unannounced performances planned.

Curious about a taste of the music you can expect on stage? Check out the Instagram post below, where Thyron shares three different previews. Spoiler: one of these songs will be the first single from the brand new album.


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