Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

Almost 100 minutes filled with just hardstyle tracks by Showtek, a duo that is partly responsible for bringing the hardstyle scene to what it is today. Some time ago, we wrote an article about how the brothers surprised all the visitors of Knockout Circuz 2017 with a hardstyle set, and now the time has finally come to listen to the whole Showtek liveset. You can find the complete set from Showtek on Knockout Circuz 2017 at the bottom of this article.

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‘FTS’ and ‘Green Stuff’ are just two of the many hardstyle hits Wouter en Sjoerd Janssen, also known as Showtek, made in their days. In 2012 the duo decided to stop producing for the harder styles, because they thought it was time for something new. They switched to EDM and never looked back, they only did one appearance on the Defqon.1 Legends Ceremony. The future will show if this was just a one-off.

Listen to Showtek on Knockout Circuz 2017

During Knockout Circuz 2017 the two surprised the fans with an old hardstyle set which included some new hardstyle tracks. You can find some of the tracks from the set here.

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