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On February 26th 2015, the first ever Nightbreed Records release ‘About To Get Raw’ was released. That was exactly one year ago from today! Last week they already announced their We Are The Nightbreed special event on March 4th to celebrate this big milestone, but they have even more in store.

Nightbreed Nocturnal
Enter the One Year Nightbreed release, the first one on their new specials label ‘Nightbreed Nocturnal’. This new label will be used for all kinds of Nightbreed releases that deserve special attention. The One Year Nightbreed release will be a collective release featuring brand new tracks from all Nightbreed artists, to celebrate this momentous occasion. It will illustrate the journey that Nightbreed has gone through during its first year, and that they are ready for everything that’s still to come.

The One Year Nightbreed release will be available in April. Previews of the release will start rolling out during the upcoming weeks of March.

“Thank you all for your incredible support throughout this first year. Together, we are the Nightbreed!”

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