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He’s modest in his core, yet an exceptional passionate artist when performing and wanted at some of the best festivals and clubs. This deejay is working ambitiously and hard to give us his best beats these days. He’s got the look and feel of a true entertainer, destined to be onstage and making music. Adaro already has an impressive solo career and is one out of two in the award-winning Gunz For Hire.

When several hardstyle legends name you as the biggest upcoming talent, it is obvious there’s a lot more in store for his fans and hardstyle lovers in the near future. Yet it seems Adaro has already passed the feature of upcoming talent. He just is today’s talent and nothing less.

Adaro continued to pursue his own signature sound, which is a sound that has captivated thousand of fans around the world and has als inspired many budding producers. His sound can be simply described as a sophisticated and atmospheric approach to hardstyle, blending in a rang of different sounds and packing in and enless supply of energy.

Tracks such as ‘The Haunter of the Dark’, ‘Dark Universe’ (with hardcore legend Rob Gee) and his remix of ‘Answers’ by Chain Reaction made him a big name in the Hardstyle scene. In 2009 he teamed up with Ran-D after they were collaborating on a regular base. The new team was Gunz for Hire and it was immediately a very popular live-act. Since then, they have performed all over the world and released bangers like ‘Bolivia’, ‘Kings of the Underground’, ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Plata o Plomo’.