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In February of 2016, Hard News spoke to the gents of Main Concern about their announced retirement of Hardstyle: Main Concern’s End Of Days. The Spoontech guys, John and Nick, could no longer match their schedules due to studies. Unfortunately this meant the end of Main Concern as a career. However, not only did John & Nick split up as friends, they had a crazy goodbye-tour as well: Main Concern’s End Of Days. However there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, the gentlemen announced a reunion on Facebook. Could this be a possible return of Main Concern?

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Possible return of Main Concern

In 2016, the Swedes decided it was better for them to stop Main Concern entirely, rather than to pause it and promise to maybe return. This way, Main Concern could go out with a bang, instead of die out. However this end of their career as Main Concern meant a radiosilence. This lasted until’ a few weeks ago, when Vazard, Spoontech’s main man, announced the tracklist of his upcoming album. The Spoontech captain revealed the tracklist last February, and the name Main Concern was easy to spot in the tracklist. ‘Vazard & Main Concern – Wonderland Destroyed’ was the first news in months from the Swedes. Then, in March, on the Facebook-page of Main Concern, their coverpicture was changed into a moving image of three coloured circles. Lastly, a new video was uploaded yesterday containing those same circles.

These activities started a lot of speculation: ‘Does this mean Main Concern is returning to the hardstyle scene?’ This question was answered when the complete line-up for Defqon.1 was finally released. Main Concern will perform on Saturday at the BLUE stage. It is uncertain if this is a one time thing or a complete comeback to the hardstyle community.

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Main Concern: start of days?

In the relatively short career of Main Concern, they have played on some of the biggest stages: b2b2b with Vazard & Delete to close down the Loudness Stage at Decibel outdoor, demolishing the INDIGO Stage at Defqon.1 and multiple Spoontech labelnights. The gentlemen made sure they would be remembered, and if they were to return, they would be welcomed back with open arms by the hardstyle community.

Picture via Facebook-page Main Concern.

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