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Do you remember the last time you had shivers during a hardstyle event or when you played a video on YouTube? Those moment are rare and that’s why we want to share the best moments in hardstyle music with you.

1. Rebirth 2011 anthem sang by the audience

Who doesn’t know this track?! During Rebirth 2012 the whole audience sang along when B-Front and Frequencerz played the Rebirth 2011 anthem. Do you know the words?


2. The feeling when 25.000 people scream your name: Radical Redemption!

In 2014 Minus Militia was the closing act at Hard Bass. This is a great honour for every artist, but when 25.000 people scream your name during your own track “The Spell of Sin”, even Joey had shivers!


3. Two great heroes at X-Qlusive Legends

We all miss Showtek… In 2014 we all went back in time with their number one hardstyle tracks ‘FTS’, when they made a surprise appearance at X-Qlusive Legends!


4. The orchestra that played Brennan Heart’s anthem

Brennan Heart received the honor to create the 2010 anthem of Qlimax. Q-dance decided to do something special for the intro of his performance and braught together a big orchestra to play the anthem live in front of thousands of hardstyle fans. The moment truly lived up to the theme, alternate reality. If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, then we don’t know what will!


5. The opening of B-Front at Qlimax 2012

Feelings and music, this DJ knows how to combine them! He started his set at Qlimax 2012 with ‘Mysterias’, a moment we will never forget.


6. ‘We Are The Champions’ during the Defqon.1 2015 closing ceremony

For everyone who attended the Defqon weekend this year, this moment will be a special one. On sunday during the endshow we all heard ‘We Are The Champions’ accompenied by a fireworks show the Chinese can not match!


7. Villain’s lovely speech

During Q-dance presents Headhunterz, MC Villain explained perfectly why we love hardstyle: “Cause this is who we want to be.. that hardstyle junkie!


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