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By Wouter de Vink

Aversion is having an excellent year and emphasizes this even more today at Elektrum Festival. At the mainstage of the closure of the season, he surprised the packed dancefloor with a grand and varied LIVE performance: from the hit ‘Activation’ to the well-known sing-alongs – and even a brand-new anthem…

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The Elektrum Show – a grand fireworks moment during the sunset to say goodbye to the festival season – has just ended when Aversion enters the mainstage. This may be the year for the only 25-year-old DJ/producer: his biggest hit (where hands go up massively during “Tu tu tu tu”) is played by none other than Hardwell and he performed last summer the biggest stages such as Intents Festival. Today it is Elektrum’s turn, where he will be in the largest area for the second time tomorrow as well. “What’s up Electrum!?”

Aversion: “It’s time for a world premiere…”

Judging by the large number of collabs and hits, Aversion is doing very well. While Elektrum’s gigantic dome still smells of the large amount of shot gunpowder on this sold-out Saturday, he kicks off his set with a ‘Rapture’ edit. You can feel in the crowd that things are being stepped up a notch. During the live edit of ‘Darkside’ they loudly anticipate all the fake drops and the enthusiastic visitors jump on the impressive list of collabs with KELTEK, Phuture Noize and Dual Damage.

aversion live 2023 elektrum festival

Aversion strings the big moments together: prime time he stands in front of an exuberant main area of Elektrum. Just past the halfway point of his live set, he takes the microphone for the premiere: he announces that he is responsible for the Shockerz anthem and plays it for the first time in the woods of the festival site. Remarkably, the visitors are already singing along at the top of their lungs. After an uptempo closing, Aversion ends his performance to loud applause as one of the revelations of the year.

The last tickets for Elektrum Sunday (including Aversion vs. Rejecta) are still available

Tomorrow is the second (and last) day of Elektrum Festival: the closing of the festival season. With more than 60 acts spread over 5 stages: from mainstream to uptempo and from classics to extra RAW. For the very last Sunday tickets, visit the festival’s official website.

Footage taken from Facebook page Elektrum


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