Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

In an older post, we already mentioned that plans for a new Bioweapon album were in development. That post was based on a Snapchat of Audiofreq, member of Bioweapon, where he had taken a picture of a notebook with the text ‘Bioweapon Album 2017/2018’ on it. At that time, there wasn’t anything else written on the notebook. But, there is a chance that this has changed now.

In the early morning of today, Kutski, who is also known from his podcast Keeping The Rave Alive, held a livestream on his Facebook-page. While streaming he was calling with Audiofreq. After a while, Kutski started about the Bioweapon album. The reaction of the Australian DJ was:

”We haven’t made an official announcement yet, but Code Black and I are kinda preparing the stuff for that.”

So, this means that there certainly is an album coming up. Bioweapon is in the studio again and working on a brand new album.

The artists, who are better known as Code Black and Audiofreq, had the prime of their carreer in 2011. In that year, they performed at more than 40 events, including Hard Bass, Intents Festival and Defqon. 1. Recent years, the number of performances dropped as they performed at two gigs, Daydream Festival and Shutdown Festival. Now, that a new album has been revealed, it is expected that things will hopefully turn out as they used to be in 2011. Let’s hope for a spectacular return in 2018!

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