Hard News
By Hard News

On November 12 High Voltage apologized for his lack of posts on social media. Luckily he made up for everything by revealing that he’s working on a new solo-track and that he just finished a new collab with Warface, called ‘Sanctuary”.

He ended the post with the question: “ALBUM: Yay or nay? ;)” As expected nobody thought it would be a bad idea, so with a big bag of positive reactions there was nothing left for us to do than to wait for an answer from the man himself.

Luckily High Voltage made the announcement today by publishing the following post on his Facebook page: “Yup, the rumours are true. I’ll be making an album next year. My game, my rules, nothing else!”

Great news for everyone that had already been looking forward to it, and great news for everyone that likes his dark sounds. We have no info on the exact release date yet, but we do know that it will definitely be next year. Besides that the album will most likely be released on his label Nightbreed Records. We can’t wait to hear the first previews!

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