Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Only a few productions to go and then Noisecontrollers will release his 200th track. His 196th release is already on it way, so he’s busy with four other tracks to reach this milestone.

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Noisecontrollers posted a video on his socials, in which he announced his big news: “I’ve counted and I’m working on my 200th release now.” This week, he’s already getting closer to this enormous number, since he will come out with his 196th release ‘Headlights’ this Friday. “The road to 200 released productions”, is how the hardstyle DJ calls it himself.

Over all those years, Noisecontrollers produced countless of successful tracks which have been streamed millions of times. His tracks ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Get Loose’ have been listened to over 8.5 million times on Spotify.

Noisecontrollers in the studio for 200th release

The hardstyle DJ is working hard to complete this achievement and more is yet to come. To stay up to date about his future productions, go to the Facebook page of Noisecontrollers.

Photo by YouTube Q-dance

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