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By Nina van Zelst

None other than Ran-D has announced the release date for his very first album We Rule The Night. Fans will be able to listen to the new musical collection this week, which consists of multiple well-known tracks and brand-new bangers. 

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“It has been quite a journey to create an album that truly reflects who I am as a Hardstyle lover, a producer and a person”, Ran-D shared earlier in the announcement of the new album. So, even though We Rule The Night was a bit delayed, this week it’ll finally be out! The Ran-D debut album houses among others the new ‘Monday Go Fck Yourself’, but also tracks that have been blasted across quite the big stages like ‘Armageddon‘ and ‘Dreamers Of The Universe’. 

As icing on the cake, Ran-D also let his fans know he is working on a lot of new music right now, which according to him is also coming our way soon.

Ran-D presents debut album We Rule The Night

The We Rule The Night album will be released on the Roughstate label and will be available on all portals tomorrow on the 1st of May. To be kept updated on the latest Ran-D news you can keep a close eye on his socials. “Enjoy streaming the album, and hopefully see you soon at a party!”


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