Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Dirty Workz has revealed Technoboy and Tuneboy are their newest members. The first release is already planned, which will be dropped very soon at the recordlabel.

Technoboy and Tuneboy are in the hardstyle scene for a very long time now, not only solo, but also as TNT. Dirty Workz said they’re very pleased to welcome these two legends. ‘Teknogym 2K19’ will be the first release of the DJ’s since they arrived at Dirty Workz and the track is coming soon. The Italians are telling on their social media they’re happy to be part of the Dirty Workz family.

It’s not the first time that a track of these DJ’s will be released at this record label. Back in 2016 Technoboy and Tuneboy released their collab with DJ Isaac ‘Bitches’ already at the label.

Dirty Workz strengthen itself Technoboy en Tuneboy

The release of ‘Teknogym 2K19’ is coming soon, but it’s not clear when this track will be released for real. To stay up to date about this release, go to the Facebook page of Dirty Workz.

Photo by Facebook page Tuneboy

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