Bas van  Herk
By Bas van Herk

At the beginning of last month, the trailer of Radicals upcoming show, called The Road To Redemption, appeared online. Obviously, this party comes with a new album. Besides some general information about the event, three tracks were previewed in the video. In order to do something about our curiosity we did some research to set up a list of possible tracks that will be featured in the album.  This are the tracks we came up with:


Joey has produced brand new collabs together with Warface, N-Vitral, D-Sturb and the euphorical artist KELTEK. Especially the collaboration with D-Sturb received lots of attention. This young talent has registered his name in the rawscene with his devastating kicks and kickrolls. A real rawstyle lover should acknowledge him as the potential applicant for a collaboration with Radical.

Also, the collab with Moksi is quite interesting. This DJ group is known in the Netherlands for their house and bass music. They have produced hits like ‘Brace Yourself’ and ‘Open (Feat. Yellow Claw)’. That’s why we’re so curious about their combination with Radicals raw and harder styles.

Besides that, there are also solo tracks on the album. As a festivalvisitor, you’ll definitely be familiar with songs as  ‘Just Like you’ and ‘America’. Thanks to the growing worldwide interest in rawstyle music, artists like Radical perform more often in foreign countries. Joey even showed his graditude by producing a special track dedicated to his public in America.

The Road To Redemption is the third show of Radical Redemption. Based on his earlier parties, also known as The One Man Army and Militant Mayhem, we are able to say that this party will be even more spectacular. The show will take place on the fourth of November in the Radical Dome, Breda in the Netherlands. Watch the following trailer to get an early impression.


  • Alexander Kogan 05 September 2017 - 09:51

    Wrong track mentioned as “Dominator tribute”, but it would be the one with “Riders of retaliation” lyrics. He started his 2017 set with it


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