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By Wouter de Vink

How you represent yourself to the rest of the world is one of the biggest aspects for a dj these days. Because what is a dj without some good looking pictures? Time and time again, at every performance and release, the artists have to strike a pose and smile. Just like everybody else – dj’s are humans too after all – their outer appearances change a lot as the years go by. A new haircut, a wild beard or a growth spurt of six inches, you name it! It’s time to compare all these press pics. How did these 13 hardstyle dj’s look like back in the day?

1. Digital Punk

We kick off with Mister Unleashed! Digital Punk set yardsticks from 2010 – when there was no growth of hair on his chin. In a couple of years, Digital Punk developed himself from upcoming dj with a baby face to one of the biggest artists in the raw scene, including a supersonic mohawk.

zo zagen deze hardstyle dj's er vroeger uit digital punk vroeger nu

2. Atmozfears

Master of catchy melodies Atmozfears wasn’t on his own in the very beginning. In fact, the group Atmozfears was formed by three guys. Two of the members decided to leave the formation and then Tim van de Stadt was on his own. Throughout the years he got rid of his Super Saiyan haircut from Dragon Ball Z and turned into a leaner version of Skrillex, including a hipster pair of glasses. Looking good, Tim!

atmozfears 2 vroeger nu

3. Headhunterz

We can’t just overlook Heady for this article. Headhunterz made a spectacular comeback this year to the music where he’s made a hugh impact on already: hardstyle. Meanwhile, Headhunterz didn’t stand still and began to collect some ink – look at his right arm! – and some hair on top of his head. We also believe that he’s auditioning as model for the cover of Men’s Health. With his shredded lifestyle there’s no more (at least a little less) room for Bacardi and more room for weightlifting. Shredhunterz are back!

headhunterz vroeger en nu

4. Frequencerz

Niels and Pepijn developed themselves as icons in the euphoric raw in a short period of time. Never would they have ever thought that they would come so far, back in time when the picture down below was taken. With fancy shirts, probably bought at Primark, and a hairdo that shines like a disco ball, this duo was about to climb their way to the top. From young rascals to true leaders of the Wolfpack.

frequencerz vroeger en nu

5. Radical Redemption

His track ‘Darkness is Calling’ got played for the very first time in 2011 at Hard Bass and only 6 years later his very own third show is already about to happen. Annihilate was just the beginning of an impressive career. After a lot of training and gaining, Radical Redemption’s outer appearance changed big time the last couple of years. Nowadays, you don’t fuck with The Radical!

radical redemption vroeger en nu

6. B-Front

With his own X-Qlusive, Thrillogy and a Beyond Reality hosting to his name, there are quite a few bookings where B-Front had to perform. Almost 10 years ago, in 2008 to be exact, he was already playing at Defqon.1! Nowadays Bob has lost some of his wild (red) oats and now he’s… a little less red.

b-front vroeger nu

7. Adaro

The Haunter of the Dark is considered to be one of the founders of the raw. Also Adaro changed his style and his looks have changed over the years. I mean look at the guy, John Travolta has got nothing on the hairdo of Thijs!

adaro vroeger nu

8. Audiofreq

This guy from Australia moved to Europe a while ago and we think that the wind of the North Sea has done good to his hair growth. The bold, shiny head from the glamour photo – which could be featured in a mail order catalog – is now gone and made room for a nice, curly squirrel on his head. Audiofreq is now finally ready to fulfill his super hero role as Batman…

audiofreq vroeger nu

9. Wildstylez

We continue with Wildstylez, one of the dj’s who has secured his spot in the top of hardstyle since the beginning. We would like to have your attention for his old press photo; pure gold if you ask us! Like he just came out of a G.I. Joe action figure package. Add his measured facial hair and you got the Wildstylez as we know today.

wildstylez vroeger nu

10. D-Block & S-te-Fan

No, these are not gangsters, it’s D-Block & S-te-Fan! The duo, that just released their brand new album Antidote this week, wasn’t posing for a fancy dress party back in 2009. But we are not quite sure wherefore it actually was. The photo is just unlike others and couldn’t be missed in this piece. Gangsters for life!

d-block & s-te-fan vroeger nu

11. Frontliner

How bald can an artist be? Frontliner has proved it every week behind the turn tables with his shiny head. After all the years as an artists, his outer appearance has developed quite a bit, as we can clearly see when we take a look at the curly curls and the same pair of glasses as Atmozfears earlier. The Melodyman is shining!

frontliner vroeger nu

12. Coone

As leader of The Gang, Coone is a real mafioso. It must be very bright out there in sunny Belgium, a big pair of sunglasses would come quite handy. The boss of Dirty Workz still salutes to his gang members in present time. El Capone, eat your heart out!

zo zagen deze hardstyle dj's er vroeger uit coone vroeger nu

13. Gunz for Hire

Well, we don’t know what to say about this one, expect for the fact that the gentlemen of Gunz for Hire have changed a lot the past few years… Do you see the differences?

gunz for hire Zo zagen deze hardstyle dj's er vroeger uit - This is how hardstyle dj's looked like back in the day

Cover image via Facebook-page Headhunterz

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