Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

It’s game-over for Sylence. The American producer posted a statement on social media last night, where he tells that he has had enough and throws the towel into the ring. Jason Waters, better known as Sylence, closes the door behind him and it seems that he’s not going to return to hardstyle.

The euphoric hardstyle dj, signed to Belgian label Dirty Workz, announced on social media that he’s making an end to it. However, he leaves the door open for other genres, perhaps under a different alias. Sylence: “This is the official retirement of ‘Sylence’ I will no longer produce hardstyle. There’s 1 more release and then that will be it.”

So there is a final release coming and even last week there was another release by him: ‘Zoning’. When his upcoming production will be out is not known yet. 2017 was production wise a good year for him though. Tracks like ‘Jawa’, ‘All You Need’ and ‘Shelter’ came all from his hand. But there will be no follow-up to his productivity after the following release. The American played at quite a few decent booking the last few years. Defqon.1, Mysteryland USA and Dreamfields are all on his resume.

With these final words by Sylence, it’s already the second (upcoming) dj that quits the hardstyle scene. Just a while ago Nightfall announced that he’s pulling the plug as well. He’s going to focus on other genres too.

UPDATE: ‘Well, this is awkward…’

Half an hour ago Sylence posted a video on Facebook about his decision about him leaving hardstyle. After posting a statement that he would quit, he now comes with an announcement that he got caught up in the moment. “I need to say I’m sorry for yesterday”, says Sylence in his video. “I said that I was going to retire from hardstyle, which is obviously not the case. I was getting too emotional and caught up in my own shit. Even if I tried to stop producing hardstyle, I simply can’t do it and will do this for the rest of my life.”

Check out his full statement down below.


  • dovydas 25 June 2021 - 08:33

    but now, sylence is back!


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