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Xense has had a difficult period: something that has had a huge impact on the French hardstyle DJ. His mother got terminally ill, so he took a break, fought back and put all this emotion into an impressive tribute to the most important woman, who has now been ripped from his life: “Stuck & Broken”

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For those who don’t know the name of Xense yet: the 25-year-old producer had his first release in 2016 and has been working hard on his career as a DJ ever since. Meanwhile, bad news arrived: his mother got leukaemia and both their lives completely went upside down.

“It was a successful operation at first, but then it went from bad to worse,” says Maxence. After the bone marrow transplant, everything went downhill, with many hospital visits and so the Frenchman had to take care of his mother intensively for two years. “In such an instance, you suddenly grow up very quickly. I had to do everything for her, so that she could at least eat and drink something.” Something which nobody would like to experience in their lives.

2 years of non-stop taking care of his mother ended suddenly

Although the talented producer was already well on his way to becoming a successful hardstyle DJ, he was unable to release any music. He was forced to take a break, which wasn’t really a break. “Because my mother needed me.”

Ultimately, Xense’s mother passed away at the age of 53. “The house suddenly felt very empty. You are used to continuously helping her and that suddenly disappears. I must admit that I still miss her very much: sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed.” It’s a battle between the loss of someone you love and the motivation to pursue your dream as a DJ.

‘How the loss of a loved one can sound so recognizable in hardstyle music’

The death of his mother increasingly takes hold. “Before she passed away, she went with me to a booking once. She was in very bad shape, but she was still at the front of the dance floor supporting me. I could see that she was proud of me, and that made me feel again proud. My mother was the woman of my life.”

However, Xense is on the way back and wants to close this difficult period. For example, the 25-year-old has been in the studio with Atmozfears, Adrenalize and Voidax and has recently joined the I AM Hardstyle Amplify label. But he wanted to put all the emotion of recent times in one track, and this result was released today.

‘Stuck & Broken is for everyone who is having a difficult time’

The track ‘Stuck & Broken’ is a record where you hear the sadness when you listen to the record, many fellow DJs also say. Xense worked on this for over a year: although hardstyle can sound a bit angry to some, you can recognize the loss and emotion in this piece of music. “This track was supposed to hold all the emotions I’ve been feeling before and after my mom passed away. I’m sure I’m not and won’t be the alone one in the world going through this. This is for everyone who has a hard time, you are not alone.”

Xense – ‘Stuck & Broken’ can be listened to on the channels of I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify as of today. Follow Xense on Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye on him.

Footage taken from Instagram page Xense

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